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There is a gap between having perfect vision and being completely complete vision loss. And too often, people who fall somewhere in between are not considered when creating custom ADA signs today. We take vision for granted all too often – especially those who are blessed with 20/20 vision. Dallas ADA signs are here for anyone that doesn’t have perfect vision or have various other differences in ability; they help businesses make their premises accessible and legally compliant. Find out about the font and color requirements for ADA signage that makes them so effective in Dallas, TX. 

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What Are ADA Signs? & How Do You Get ADA Signage for Your Premises?

The Americans with Disabilities Act lays out these specific requirements for ADA signs for a wide variety of industries and businesses. These ADA signs are a great opportunity to create a more inclusive environment and a more positive experience for your customers with vision, speech, cognitive, hearing, and mobility differences. Custom ADA signs are also an important aspect to comply with local bylaws and save yourself from potentially upsetting customers.

ADA compliant signs can be quite difficult to manage though they can be incredibly valuable for patrons and essential for most city inspections. As a your local local sign company, we have the knowledge and experience to design and sell ADA signs that are aligned with the latest standards and your design specifications. We have the knowledge and experience that is required to deliver fully compliant ADA signs in Dallas, TX. Premier Sign stakes pride in creating a more positive experience for everyone. Our team designs custom ADA signs that meet the standards set by the Act and enhance your branding. 

Importance of ADA Signs For Businesses in Dallas, TX

People with vision difficulties can make their way in the world every day using Dallas ADA signs. In fact, most people who benefit from ADA braille signs are not completely blind. This means that they will sometimes have to struggle to get around. It’s this reason that most businesses in Dallas, TX install signs in their business, and also why it’s important to work with a trusted local sign shop for ADA signage. 

Not being able to find the necessary information can cause people to suffer injuries, get lost, or become frustrated at a poorly labeled premises. Regulations also require signs to be installed on a static surface, which means they don’t get obscured by an open door. Moreover, the area around signage is required to be kept clear to prevent someone with a vision impairment from being injured. This also allows people to easily reach the sign and read braille lettering without having to reach across obstructions. 

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Requirements for Making an ADA Compliant Business Sign

There are several requirements prescribed by the Americans with Disabilities Act for signs to be considered ADA compliant. 

Without ADA signs, just imagine how difficult it is for someone who doesn’t have perfect vision or any of the 300 million people in the world who are colorblind. Even people who have 20/20 vision are naturally sensitive to specific wavelengths of light, making ADA signs a quintessential part of a business’s sign plan.

Speak to a representative about your ADA signage. We are a fully equipped sign company in Dallas, and we design and prepare all types of indoor signs and outdoor signs.

Types of ADA Sign We Offer:

Talk to a representative today about ADA compliant signs and products. We have standard and custom ADA signs in Dallas. Our team can provide a single sign or a complete signage package. Our designers and ADA sign experts will be happy to work alongside you and recommend the best solution for your specific situation in Dallas, TX. 


ADA-compliant signs are different types of signs that adhere to specific guidelines set by the ADA. These signs can be found either inside or outside your space.

These specific guidelines include color contrasts, choice of font style and size, use of braille, and more. All these should be followed to avoid violations.

ADA signs are required in any common and public space. These are areas that are permanent and less likely to change. Examples of these areas include restrooms, meeting rooms, and the like.

The signs in these areas need to follow specific ADA guidelines in terms of design, color, and placement.

ADA signs are usually made just like any other type of signage. The biggest difference is the strict adherence to certain design specifications.

For instance, most ADA signs should be made with tactile letters and characters. They should also be made using contrasting colors as well as specific types of finishes.

One of the design guidelines of ADA signs is the inclusion of braille. However, not all ADA signs are required to have them.

Under ADA standards, braille is only required for signs that identify rooms, spaces, or areas. This is the same for rooms used by the public and those just for employees.

The cost of ADA signs varies widely, as there is a lot to consider when creating these signs. This includes the type of sign, material, number of signs, and more.

The cost of vinyl ADA signs will be lower compared to dimensional ADA signage. To get a free quote, give us a call today.