Are Your Exterior Signs Right for Your Business?

Your signs allow your business to be visible enough to be recognized and remembered. While there are a lot of sign options available on the market, choosing the right exterior signs in Dallas is key for a more successful business.

Custom Exterior Signs That Work

Not all outdoor signs are created equal. Covering your entire outdoor space with signage does not necessarily translate to getting more attention your way. When deciding on the right sign options for you, it is important to establish what your business needs are.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Business Location
    • Is your facility on a busy road or tucked away in a hard-to-find spot?
    • Are you within a mall or business complex?
  2. Target Audience
    • Does your location have ample foot traffic?
    • Are you trying to reach motorists or passersby?
    • Do you want to reach potential customers right where they are?
  3. Day or Night Visibility
    • Are you located in a well-lit area?
    • Will your business benefit from being visible throughout the night?
    • Are there lighting options available for your signs?
  4. Marketing Budget
    • How much can you invest in exterior signage?
    • Would you rather invest in a durable sign that lasts years or a temporary sign you can change on occasion?
    • Will you be able to handle maintenance costs?

Working with an exterior sign company and asking these important questions can determine the type of exterior business sign that will work best for your business.

Functions of Exterior Business Signs

Now that you have established how you want your signs to work for you let’s get to know the different functions of exterior signage. These can help you with designing the right custom signage that can be sufficient for your business.

Give You Visibility

Post and panel signs, for example, can make you visible to motorists driving by. Outdoor signs help capture the attention of your target audience. The more people know you exist, the more business can come your way.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Your brand makes you stand out from the competition. A unique and innovative exterior sign makes customers remember your brand and choose you the next time they need your service.

Generate Customer Engagement and Interest

Custom exterior signs are your customers’ first point of contact with your business. Creating simple, easy to read signs that reflect your business theme can be effective in engaging your customers. This can allow customers to get interested in your products and services and visit your store.

Your Trusted Exterior Sign Company in Dallas

Deciding on any type of outdoor sign is not enough for it to be effective for your business. At Premier Signs& Graphics, we have sign experts that can help you in the process of determining which works for your business needs. We are committed to getting to know your business as well as your space so we can give the best recommendations.

For high-quality exterior business signs that deliver great results, contact us today, and we’ll give you a free consultation!