Exterior Building Signs

Invest in high-quality, stand-out exterior business signs to make your business part of the city’s skyline. Many business owners do not realize that exterior building signs are part of the fabric of a town or city. They can make the business a local landmark and sell top-of-mind recall.

A your local local sign company can design and sell creative signs. We have the options, resources, and skills to create your dream commercial building sign for your business.

Choose from a wide range of signs that will make for great exterior building signs. These will help promote your brand and attract customers like nothing else! Some of the most well-known options include:

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Installing Commercial Building Signs In Dallas, TX

Most exterior building signs do require a permit for installation. A sign company in Dallas can advise you on bylaws. City permits will influence the size, placement, and mounting method. Note that the property manager or landlord may have rules about installing signs to the outside too. Make sure to consider all the requirements before choosing and designing custom outdoor building signs.

The location of the sign directly impacts the impressions it receives and its potential to promote your business. Did you know nearly 85% of your potential customers pass by your business every month?

Invest in an eye-catching sign to capitalize on this potential customer base. Premier Signs & Graphics understands the importance of signs delivering a strong return on investment. It’s why we are committed to helping our customers get premium, eye-catching, durable signs. 

Types of Building Signs

Commercial building signs are a quintessential promotional tool for businesses of all sizes. Smaller signs installed around the building, on the other hand, are great for directing customers, warn visitors of hazards, and make their visit more convenient.

Premier Signs & Graphics is a sign company in Dallas that provides complete signage solutions. Choose from a wide range of sign types such as: 

Best Building Sign makers in Dallas, TX

We sell signs out of all types of materials. Choose from Plexiglas, glass, vinyl, cloth, plastic, wood, metal, and acrylic. Our designers help you achieve the desired finish. Whether you are looking for contemporary, bold, minimal, or professional signs, we can deliver! 

Want to learn more about our custom building signs? Speak to a representative in Dallas about your requirements. We can help you find designs, materials, and mounting options best suited for your location. We have the experience and knowledge to take on projects of all sizes for all budgets.