Channel Letters Dallas

Channel letters are one of the most popular choices for outdoor signage in Dallas, TX. Choose from a wide range of options for your business. With the many different finishes available, they are the first choice for many businesses in the city. Whether you need a professional-looking sign or something fun and three-dimensional, channel letters are a great option. Channel letter signs are always given priority, whether it’s to display the name of the business, retail store, condominium, or any other institution.

Establish a strong brand presence and drive more customers to your office or store with custom channel letters by Premier Signs & Graphics. We are a your local sign company in Dallas, TX that specializes in building channel letter signs. We are a local sign shop known for building high-quality signs that help our clients achieve their marketing goals. Our customers choose from virtually endless design options and state-of-the-art technology. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers get the best looking commercial signs that generate leads.

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Types of Channel Letter Signs

Dallas channel letters are a great choice for outdoor signage for any kind of business, such as: 

Think custom channel letter signs can only be used outdoors? To establish a strong brand presence, many business owners also use them as indoor signage.

Front-Lit Channel Letters

Channel letters and lighting are matched with the brand’s colors or used to create a unique contrasting effect in Dallas. The front of each letter is covered with decorated or pigmented plastic. This illuminates the sign from the front. Optionally, the sides can be made see-through or opaque. These are some of the most common types of channel letters and can be seen at stores across Dallas.

Reverse-lit / Halo-lit channel letters

These signs are mounted with a slight gap to the wall, and LED lights are installed in a way that light shines onto the wall from the back of each letter. This creates a halo effect, which provides a unique look.  They are known to provide a more premium appearance for any business.

Channel letter sign of Hollywood Food by Dallas Sign Company

Front/Back Lit Channel Letters

Also called combination channel letters, these signs are configured with front and back lighting. This ensures a halo effect with a contrasting color at the front. 

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