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Commercial Vehicle Wraps Designed for You in Dallas

Commercial vehicle wraps on UGMDallas bus by Premier Signs & Graphics in Dallas, TX

Commercial vehicle wraps can be great assets for your business, especially when you consider their relatively low cost and long lifespan. When well designed, vehicle wraps are important representations of your brand, which help attract customers and keep your brand name top of mind.

You can attempt to design your own vehicle wrapping or you can work with professional designers. Why work with professionals? There are important advantages to getting the great designers at Premier Signs & Graphics involved in your commercial vehicle wraps.

1. Avoid Common Mistakes

When beginning designers start with vehicle wraps, they may make some critical mistakes that seriously undercut how effective they are. One of the most common problems is making the font and lettering too small. Another is adding too many design elements to the graphic, thus making it too crowded for onlookers to parse easily. Experienced designers can avoid these problems and make more effective designs.

2. Get Professional Installation

Vehicle wrapping requires a specific technique in order to prevent problems. Inexperienced installers may make bubbles in the design or fail to line the wrap-up perfectly with the body of the vehicle. While you can attempt the installation yourself, we don’t recommend it. Instead, work with the experienced installers at Premier Signs & Graphics who will get the installation right the first time.

3. Benefit from Superior Design

Your commercial vehicle wrap has only a few moments to attract attention, impress your customers, make your branding clear, and inspire action. That is a lot of steps for a single moment, and only sophisticated designs that are thoughtfully crafted for your audience will get the job done. Professional designers have surprising, powerful design techniques that will make your commercial vehicle wrap more effective.

4. Choose High-Quality Materials

Not all vinyl materials are made the same. The vinyl material made for wraps comes in various weights. There are also different manufacturers. We offer wraps from quality producers, including 3M, at weights that best balance longevity, quality of the print, and the cost of the wrap.

Work with the Professionals at Premier Signs & Graphics

We can help you with the branding of your design and all its other elements. Whether you want just simple lettering for the side of one truck or a series of commercial vehicle wraps for your whole fleet, we can help. Reach out to Premier Signs & Graphics in Dallas today to get started.