Custom Door Signs Dallas

Attractive, high-quality door signs can be very helpful when it comes to creating an inviting and comfortable space that’s easy for all visitors to navigate. Used along with other wayfinding signage, they used on the exterior and interior of your business and make it easier for people to locate your entrance as well as locate rooms inside your building.

Premier Signs & Graphics specializes in custom door signs that are the perfect fit for: 

Our team can design custom door signs that make your business stand out and showcase all that you have to offer. Get corporate door signage for your business that builds trust and engagement with anyone who visits your facility in Dallas, TX. As a your local local sign shop, we have a wide selection of materials and options available and also design signs that meet ADA requirements. 

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Interior Office Door Signs in Dallas

Personalize your interior space with custom door signs for offices. Remember all spaces that are meant for public use must have ADA compliant door signs. We are a local sign company that believes strongly in making spaces accessible to everyone. Our team can guide you on ADA design requirements, background colors on a glare-free surface, and contrasting letters. For room name and room numbers, signs must be both raised tactile lettering and braille and be large enough to be read from a distance.

We sell indoor office door signs for all types of applications: 

Exterior Door Signs

A sophisticated and well placed exterior door sign not only creates the right first impression it also helps people locate your entrance. A sign company in Dallas like ours can create a custom door nameplate for your exterior door. Choose from a variety of materials and mounting options. Find standard and custom closed-door signs for offices and businesses in Dallas, TX.

Custom door wraps installed by Dallas sign company

All Types of Custom Door Signs

Premier Signs and Graphics is the sign shop for you if you’re looking for office door signs that will simplify navigation and improve your business image. Count on us to create great signage designed to support your success, whether you are upgrading your current signage or need signs for your new business. Contact us today to receive a free quote! 


Door signs provide a lot of functionality for your business. Entrance door signs usually display important business information. They can include your business name and logo, hours of operation, and contact details.

Interior office door signs indicate who or what the room is for. They also can provide specific instructions before entering a room. 

There are different types of door signs that you can get for your business. The type of door sign that you select can affect the cost of your signs, along with the size, design, and number of signs you need.

For example, vinyl lettering can cost $0.60-$1.50 per letter. Meanwhile, custom engraved door signs can start at $30 per sign. 

Here at Premier Signs & Graphics, we offer a range of custom door signs for your business needs. We create your signs using the best quality materials to ensure that they remain durable and long-lasting.

From acrylic door signs, aluminum signs, or vinyl graphics, we make your signs to match your brand. 

Door signs can be bought online or at any office supply store. However, for the best custom door signs, trust only the experts at Premier Signs & Graphics.

We deliver premium door signs that are not just functional but also help to boost your brand. Talk to our sign makers today about your door sign needs. 

There are different options when you need to hang your door signs. For glass doors, you can use suction cups with hooks. For other options, you can easily use a string or chain to hang your signs.

You can also use command strips for doors that are not glass. They can hold up to 16 pounds, which is perfect for door signs.