Learn the Basics of Interior Signs with Premier Signs and Graphics

Interior signs are an integral part of any commercial business. While exterior signs get customers to walk through the doors, indoor signs help reinforce your brand and create a more positive customer experience.

Although it may seem like a small part of your space, custom interior signs have a subtle way of making an impact on customers, especially first-time visitors. This impact can determine if they can remember your business enough to become returning customers.

Types of Interior Signage

There are a lot of different types of indoor signs to choose from. Deciding on which ones are best for your business space depends on a few factors such as:

  • Nature of your business
  • Area size
  • Budget
  • Building restrictions

Once you have established which signs are essential for your company, you can choose from the various sign types available for your interior space:

  1. Indoor Directional Signs
    • Wayfinding Signs
    • Restroom Signs
    • Door Signs
    • Directory Signs
  1. Point of Purchase Signs
    • Hanging/Ceiling Signs
    • Banners
    • Floor Graphics
  1. IndoorBusiness Signs for Branding
    • Lobby or Reception Signs
    • Wall Murals and Graphics
    • Window Graphics

Interior Business Signs

Whichever choice you make when it comes to custom interior signs, it is important to know how to maximize their signage potential. As not all signs are the same, making sure that you prioritize function before designing begins is best for effective signage.

When working with an interior sign company in Dallas, consider these basics when it comes to custom business signs:


Every sign is an opportunity for you to reinforce your brand. The more visible your brand is in and around your space, the better it is for customers to remember your business.

Additionally, branding your interior business signs allows visitors to associate your business theme and colors as a professional and trustworthy company.

ADA Compliance

One of the essential aspects of interior custom signs is making sure that they adhere to the guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Although not all signs need to be ADA-compliant, most signs that are accessible to the public need to be.

These typically include restroom signs, wayfinding signs, door signs, and the like. Not only do you avoid penalties when you comply with ADA standards, but you also create a safer and more comfortable space for every type of customer.

Consistent and Cohesive Signs

For a more seamless aesthetic, it is best to maintain consistency throughout your signs. This makes your indoor space look more cohesive and easier on the eyes.

Choosing the Best Interior Sign Company

Creating a seamless and positive customer experience will make all the difference in getting you top of mind in Dallas. Premier Signs& Graphics is dedicated to delivering the best indoor signs with the highest quality of service you can expect. Our state-of-the-art technology and top-notch materials can produce eye-catching interior custom signs that can last for years.

Ready to make a difference with your indoor signs? Contact our sign experts today, and we’ll give you a free consultation.