Architectural Signage Company in Dallas

Looking for ideas to elevate your business space but don’t know where to start? Investing in architectural signs can make a difference in the look and feel of your space. And Premier Signs & Graphics is the best source of these types of signs in Dallas.

Our team designs and creates architectural signs and symbols for various industries in TX. Whether you need one sign or a complete sign system, we’re here to help.

What is Architectural Signage Design?

Architectural signage design is a great way to strengthen your brand and make a bold statement. It incorporates different materials, themes, and designs. This creates a sign system that is not only functional but also designed to enhance your space.

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Monument Signs, Building Signs, and More

Architectural signs can be used both inside and outside your space. At Premier Signs & Graphics, we offer a wide range of options for your business. Our team works closely with our clients to determine which signs work best for your brand and your space.

Here are some widely used architectural designs and signs:

  1. Building Signs
  2. Monument Signs
  3. Wayfinding Signs
  4. Wall Murals
  5. ADA Signs

Thinking of other signs to add to your facility? Feel free to let us know! We’ll create a sign that suits your branding and business needs. Contact us today to get a free consultation with our sign experts in TX.

Custom Architectural and Wayfinding Signage in Dallas, TX

Business owners spend a lot of their capital on architectural signs. For this reason, it’s crucial to create signs that truly impact your business. Here are some elements to consider:

  1. Unique designs. Architectural signs are made to improve your surroundings. This means paying attention not just to function, but also to how it ties into your space.
  1. Choosing the right materials. They say that the quality of your signs reflects the quality of your products and services. Getting the right materials strengthens the image you are trying to build.

Also, choosing high-quality materials from the get-go ensures you get long-lasting signs that you can enjoy for years.

Codes And Laws on Architectural Signs

Design and materials aren’t the only factors to consider when creating architectural signs. There are also particular zoning laws to pay attention to when designing outdoor signs. For instance, some cities have a limit to how tall outdoor freestanding signs can be.

Familiarize yourself with these rules before getting into the design process. Better yet, work with experienced architectural signage companies like Premier Signs & Graphics. We make sure our signs avoid any unwanted penalties and violations.

Your Trusted Capital Sign Makers in Dallas

Your signs can say a lot about your business. Make sure they are delivering the right message through the right architectural design from Premier Signs & Graphics.

We are a full-service sign company that delivers high-quality sign solutions for your business. We design, create, and install signs that elevate your business space. Whether you need outdoor signs, entrance signs, or architectural signs and engraving, we can help!

Get started on designing architectural signs that make your business stand out. Contact us today to learn more and we’ll give you a free quote.


Acrylic signboards are acrylic sheets that are either printed on or used as a base to create signs. They are lightweight, durable, and weatherproof. They can be used in various ways both indoors and outdoors.

Acrylic signboards are perfect for storefront signs, lobby signs, building signs, hanging signs, and more. 

Acrylic signs are a very popular sign option. They can be bought online or from your local sign maker in Dallas.

Here at Premier Signs & Graphics, we create all types of acrylic signs. We help you customize your signs to highlight your brand and to make a positive impression on your customers 

The short answer is no. Acrylic signs portray a classy and sophisticated look, which makes them seem like they are expensive. However, it is a relatively cost-effective sign option for your business.

Acrylic signs can give your business a professional image without needing a large budget. They can also be customized to fit your budget and business needs. 

The longevity of acrylic signs depends on where it is placed within your business. Outdoors, acrylic signs can last around 5 years. This is because they are exposed to a lot of elements and weathering.

Indoors, however, acrylic signs can last over a decade with proper care and maintenance. 

Yes, acrylic is one of the best materials to use for signs. The material is versatile, flexible, and can be customized in different ways depending on your signage needs.

Acrylic is durable and lightweight, making them the perfect alternative for glass signs. It is a cost-effective material that can be used for both indoor and outdoor signs.