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Outdoor Hanging business Signs

personalized outdoor hanging signs: A Great Way to Get Your Business Noticed in Dallas, TX

Looking for the perfect hanging signs for your business? As your local sign company in Dallas, TX, we can create all types of outdoor hanging signs. Our personalized hanging signs help businesses attract customers, showcase promotions, and drive engagement.


Hanging signs are signs that are perched onto a bracket, pole, or wall. These signs have a signboard that hangs down, perpendicular to the wall. Hanging signs from the ceiling are highly visible, even from a distance.

Our signs are available in a wide selection of designs, sizes, finishes, and mounting options. We are a local sign shop that creates personalized outdoor signage. We use modern fabrication methods and high-quality printing to ensure a long life, premium finish, and safe performance.

Did you know signs can be printed on both sides for twice the marketing power? 

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Outdoor Hanging Signs in Dallas, TX

Outdoor hanging signs are the perfect tool when you want to attract more incoming foot traffic. There is a wide range of options that can help your business stand out. Here are some options you can start with: 

If you don’t see the sign that you need, don’t worry! Our team at Premier Signs & Graphics can help recommend a personalized outdoor hanging sign design for your business. Give us a call today for a free consultation with our sign experts. 

Our sign shop offers different types of materials for custom hanging signs:

Hanging business signs can be made with a variety of material options. This depends on your business and budget needs. Indoors, these signs are usually made with acrylic or vinyl banners. Outdoor hanging signs for business, however, should be made using hardwearing materials.

Here are some popular choices among business owners in Dallas: 

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Indoor Hanging Signs

Whether you are planning commercial office or store interiors, including hanging business signs as part of your signage is essential. Hanging wayfinding signs is a smart touch for making the space more accessible and increasing branding opportunities. Hanging directional signs also provide more visibility and thus make it convenient for visitors to navigate through the facility. 

Custom Outdoor Hanging Signs

Want to make your business stand out from competitors? Position your signs correctly and get the messaging right, so hanging signs grab the attention of passers-by. Great signs also enhance the perceived value of the brand. Our outdoor hanging signs are just perfect for that. Signs can be printed on both sides, displaying two different messages at the same time. 

Hanging Blade Signs

Blade signs replace traditional storefront signs. Instead of being mounted flush against the wall, they are mounted perpendicular to the wall. As a your local local sign shop, we can create them in virtually any size, shape, or finish. Choose from a wide selection of LEDs to illuminate them and make them even more attractive.

Hanging blade signs are a great choice to highlight the business logo, name, contact information, and more. When installed outside your facility, these signs can be of any shape, size, or design. And their elevated placement means they are really effective at catching the attention of people passing by.


Hanging signs can be a valuable addition to any business space. Because they are mounted at a higher height, they are in the perfect line of sight of anyone walking by.

Even from a distance, outdoor hanging signs are noticeable. It is an effective wayfinding sign, letting customers spot your business from a distance. When you are easy to locate, customers are more likely to visit your business.

Since these signs are easy to spot, they become the best branding tool. Personalized outdoor hanging signs that match your brand let customers become more familiar with your business.

Do you have deals or products that you want to promote? Indoor hanging signs let you display product or service details. Hung from the ceiling, it will be difficult for customers to ignore these signs. It is also a great way to lead customers to where they can find those deals. 

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Improve your business’s visibility and attract more foot traffic to your space today! Let Premier Signs & Graphics deliver high-quality sign solutions that make your business stand out.

We are a full-service sign company that designs, creates, and installs your signage needs. Speak to a representative at Premier Signs & Graphics to discuss your requirements today. Businesses across the city trust us to be their local sign shop that produces creative signs. 


Hanging signs are elevated signs. They are usually hung from the ceiling or mounted on the wall indoors or in front of the building.

These can be called different names depending on the type of hanging sign and design. They are also known as hanging banners, swing signs, blade signs, and projecting signs. 

Hanging sign installation depends on whether you choose signs that hang from the ceiling or those that project from the wall.

These signs have their specific hanging systems, pole attachments, and the like. To ensure that your signs are installed safely and properly, trust expert installers to do the job for you. 

The cost of hanging signs is determined depending on different elements. This includes the type of materials used, size, colors, design, and the like.

On average, expect to spend a few hundred dollars to create your sign. If you need your sign designed and installed, there are also separate fees for those. 

Hanging signs can be used in different ways to benefit your business. Outdoors, these signs make it easier for incoming foot traffic to locate your business. These are also used to boost your brand.

Indoors, hanging signs are used for wayfinding, promoting products and services, as well as displaying in-store deals. 

Hanging signs are a great addition to your business space. They are perfect for driving more foot traffic to your business. Displaying your name and logo on your sign also helps locals become more familiar with your brand.

Because these signs are elevated, they can catch attention even from a distance.