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Greater visibility is vital for any business today to help their customers find them and to tower above the growing competition. After all, customers can go to the next store just as easily and may never come back. That said, some locations do not offer great visibility, and that’s where pylon signs designed by a local sign company can help.

Businesses love to have signs near major roads and highways because they help tell customers about the business and direct them there. This is especially important at retail malls and industrial parks, which is why pylon signs are so common. The best thing about a pylon sign is the ease with which the face can be reconfigured to have different sized inserts for different tenants, and graphics can be changed on short notice. 

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Types of Pole and Pylon Signs

Benefits of Pylon Signs

Some businesses choose pylon signs because they’re a good-looking option, but for many others, pylons are a necessity. Businesses that are located next to highways, roadsides, or are surrounded by many other businesses rely on pylon signs to stand out.

For businesses that are located on highways, a sign company in Dallas can provide pylon signs that help project their message across a vast distance. This gives motorists time to make up their minds and remind them of services that they may need but had not considered.

For roadside businesses, they offer visibility in the clutter of shops. Businesses that rely heavily on walk-in customers prefer pylon signs because customers can see them from a distance. This is unlike storefront signs, which are visible only when the customer is standing Close to the store.

Uses of pylon signs: 

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Pole & Pylon Sign Repair & Maintenance Services in Dallas, TX

Custom pylon signs are one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising. They offer great visibility and make it easier for customers to find a business. To get the best return on your investment, have signs built and installed by an experienced sign company. Premier Signs and Graphics creates high-quality pylon signs customized for our client’s requirements while staying within their budget. We can handle the installation of a new pylon sign and replace the sign face. 

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