Projecting Sign

Projecting signs are visible everywhere you look in public and private spaces. Whether you own a restaurant, courier service, flower shop, or fashion boutique, you may want to use projecting or hanging signs to advertise your presence. Most businesses with storefronts along a sidewalk use projecting signs to gently place themselves right in pedestrians’ eyelines. Premier Signs & Graphics serves the Dallas and the DFW area, providing protruding sign design and installation services.

What Is a Projecting Sign?

A projecting sign is typically set perpendicular on a wall or pole with a bracket. Although there are different types of projecting signs, the overall appearance and placement of them remains standard. These signs can be known as projecting, protruding, flag, and blade signs in the industry. They’re visible both up close and from a distance, and they help people find needed information easily.

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What Types of Projecting Signs Are Available?

There are four common types of projecting signs. These serve specific roles and can be found indoors or outdoors, and they can help form part of wayfinding systems. Wayfinding projecting signs often work in a complementary fashion to provide viewers with various visual or textual prompts, such as:

Protruding Signs Shapes and Sizes

Generally, the shape of a protruding sign depends on its purpose and may rely on regulatory requirements. Otherwise, the shape and size may depend on its positioning. Here are some shapes that you can expect to find the protruding or hanging sign:

Companies mostly use square and rectangular projecting signs to indicate their business name.

Different Types of Projecting Signs & Brackets

Besides developing unique protruding signs for your business, Premier Signs & Graphics knows our way around projecting sign brackets as well. This expertise guarantees we will build beautiful custom projecting sign brackets to match any of your signs through seamless integration and product matching. Once you’ve explored all your options with us, you will leave with a stunning product sure to impress anyone who sees it. 

Why Choose Us For Great Projecting Signs

As experts who have been in the signage business for quite some time, Premier Signs & Graphics in Dallas, Texas, has designed projecting signs for dozens of clients. You can contact us for a quote, design guidance, or any other signage information about hanging and external projecting signs. Whatever you need for a great projecting sign, we can provide.