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Premier Signs & Graphics takes pride in being a leading provider of high-quality transportation signs that are intended to meet the industry’s specific needs. With an emphasis on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner for all your signage needs in Dallas, TX, and beyond.


Our expertise is in designing unique transportation signs that assure safety, compliance, and brand exposure. Explore our vehicle services to see how we can help you create bespoke traffic signs, truck lettering, and vehicle wraps. We understand the transportation sector’s specific challenges, and our signs are designed to meet and surpass industry requirements.

  • Truck Lettering – Truck lettering transforms commercial vehicles into mobile advertising platforms. It involves applying high-quality vinyl lettering and graphics directly on the surface of the vehicle, displaying crucial information such as the company name, logo, contact information, and services offered. Truck branding improves brand recognition and exposure as the truck travels along the road.
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  • Truck Wrapping – Truck wrapping allows for a larger canvas for branding and marketing. This approach entails adding vinyl graphics, pictures, and text on a vehicle’s entire or partial surface. It creates eye-catching mobile billboards that effectively promote the transportation business and its products.

  • Vehicle Lettering – Door lettering is an important component of signage for transportation companies. These letters display crucial information such as the company name, contact information, and vehicle identification numbers on commercial vehicle doors. Door lettering serves as a professional and informative identification for the transportation company, increasing credibility.

  • DOT Numbers – A DOT number is required for commercial vehicles operating in the United States. The Department of Transportation assigns these unique identification numbers, which are displayed on the sides and rear of vehicles. DOT numbers enable regulatory compliance and make identifying and monitoring commercial vehicles for safety and enforcement purposes easy.

  • Regulatory Compliance Signs – Ensure that your fleet meets all regulatory requirements with our compliance signs.

  • Advertising and Branding Signs – Turn your vehicles into powerful advertising tools with our expert branding solutions.

  • Custom Traffic Signs – Enhance road safety with custom traffic signs designed to meet your specific needs.


We provide a full array of options for commercial vehicles, ranging from eye-catching truck lettering that promotes your brand on the road to DOT numbers for regulatory compliance. Our truck wrapping services not only preserve your fleet but also function as an effective advertising tool, transforming your trucks into mobile billboards that reach a large audience.


Businesses in Dallas, TX, whether large or small, can benefit significantly from commercial vehicle lettering. Here’s why Premier Signs & Graphics is the preferred choice for businesses in the region:

  • Visibility: Our skillfully produced vehicle lettering improves the visibility of your commercial vehicles, ensuring that your brand is widely shown on Dallas, TX, highways.

  • Regulatory Compliance: We understand the importance of regulatory compliance in the transportation business. Our DOT numbers and regulatory compliance indicators are intended to keep you on the right side of the law.

  • Advertising and Branding: With our strategic vehicle lettering and wrapping solutions, you can turn your fleet into a mobile advertising platform. With properly developed and applied graphics, you can increase brand awareness and attract new consumers.

  • Expertise in Dallas: As a local business, we have a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by businesses in the transportation sector. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the local market.
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Premier Signs & Graphics, a local company situated in Dallas, TX, is profoundly involved in the success of local companies. We are dedicated to offering transportation signage solutions that improve the efficiency, safety, and brand exposure of transportation businesses.

Join us and see the impact that professional, high-quality signage can make for your transportation company.