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Window Graphics


Business window graphics in Dallas are a great way of maximizing promotional space and adding to interior décor. Some businesses also use window films – a thin layer applied to the glass – to improve privacy for patrons.

Decades ago, storefront windows were mainly just used to let natural light into a store. Now, windows are an integral part of the décor, and in some cases, act as a partition in big rooms and halls. Choose from a large selection of graphics to prevent people from peeping into your store and making customers feel uncomfortable, such as at restaurants and salons.

Premier Signs & Graphics, a trusted local sign company in Dallas, TX, creates custom window graphics for all types of businesses. Choose from a wide range of films, vinyl graphics, designs, finishes, and more. Our clients never have to settle for anything less than their expectations. Our signs are made from high-quality vinyl from major manufacturers, offering a premium finish and long-lasting performance with minimum maintenance.

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Vinyl Window Graphics & Decals Attract Customers

Dallas window graphics can be large vinyl signs, small text cut-outs, and illustrations that are installed on windows with non-destructive adhesives. These are mainly used indoors, often for improving interior branding and adding a touch of creativity. Commercial window graphics, on the other hand, are small vinyl stickers that are used to improve interior branding and are also used as wayfinding signs. Many businesses use window graphics as directional signs, too, because they are highly visible. Graphics can incorporate a brand’s name, tagline, logo, and sometimes an additional message. As a your local local sign company, we design, print, and install graphics that are used commonly as branding and directional signage in: 

Three types of custom window graphics

Frosted Window Film

Vinyl window films are available in a variety of finishes: clear, translucent, and opaque. Frosted window films are a popular option for privacy and enhancing your interior. They are also known as privacy window films and are a great choice for homes as well as offices in Dallas, TX. Films can be cut into different shapes and sizes to attain a specific design of your choice, just like vinyl stickers. They can be used to create partitions and cabins without having to install a wall.

We offer three types of frosted window films: 

Caveirnha window graphics installed by Premier Signs & Graphics in Dallas, TX


You cannot go wrong with window films or Dallas window graphics, no matter what type of business you have. Just visit a trustworthy sign company in Dallas, and we’ll help you get custom window graphics for your business. Vinyl does not require maintenance and can last for a long time.

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Window graphics are custom vinyl adhesives that can be applied to any window surface. These can be used for both storefront windows and indoor window dividers. These types of graphics usually use colored vinyl sheets that are laser-cut to create your design. However, we can also custom-print and cut designs for your needs.

Yes, window decals are removable despite still being designed to strongly adhere to window spaces. These types of decals are intended for both short-term and long-term use. This makes it easier to change details posted, like your store hours or contact information. Also, they are perfect for temporary signs, like displaying deals and promotions.

Window clings and decals differ in the way that they adhere to window surfaces. Window decals are made of vinyl with an adhesive backing, allowing the decals to stick to whatever surface they are applied to. On the other hand, window clings use static electricity to adhere to your window spaces. Window clings are much less secure because of this.

Window decals are primarily made with vinyl. Several types of vinyl are perfect for decals. The most popular type used is calendared vinyl. This is a thick, rigid, and long-lasting type of vinyl. Other options include cast vinyl and carbon-fiber vinyl. Ask us about our high-quality options today.

The cost to install window graphics usually depends on the size and number of graphics that need to be installed. Installers either have an hourly rate or price their service per square foot. Only trust experienced installers like Premier Signs & Graphics for a seamless end product. Contact us today for a free quote.

We offer a variety of window decals to fulfill your business needs. We have clear decals that let you add custom designs while keeping your windows see-through. When you need to add information to your windows, vinyl letters are a great choice. We also have perforated decals, frosted decals, and more.

How long window graphics last depends largely on the type of vinyl you choose. High-quality vinyl, for instance, can last years, especially with proper maintenance. However, exposure to different elements, like UV rays, can affect their lifespan. As such, it’s important to be wise with where you put your window graphics.

There are plenty of places to get window graphics in DFW. You might even find ready-to-use ones in office supply stores. However, if you want custom-made, high-quality window graphics, it’s important to work with a reliable sign maker like Premier Signs & Graphics. This ensures your graphics are done to match your business needs.

Window display advertising is a valuable marketing strategy for a lot of businesses. This lets you use your storefront windows to promote your business, products, and services. A great window display attracts the attention of people passing by, making you stand out. Window graphics are an important tool for effective window display advertising.

Perforated window vinyl uses a particular type of vinyl that lets you see through the print. This is made possible by printing the signs with multiple tiny holes that block people’s view inside while letting you see out. This is perfect if you want more privacy.