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Looking for an attractive alternative to stencils and hand-painted wall murals? Want hanging art but find it to be time-consuming and require you to put too many holes in your office walls? Wall graphics are what you are looking for! As your reliable local wall graphics sign shop in Dallas, TX, we use high quality vinyl for our custom wall graphics. They last for years without peeling, making them a great addition to any workspace or business. 

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We are a local wall graphics company in Dallas, TX that helps your business stand out from the rest. It’s why an experienced team is dedicated to creating prints that will help decorate your business space. Our cutting edge, custom wall decals are one of our most popular options. We understand how important it is that your business is represented appropriately. That’s why virtually all our indoor sign products can be customized for your requirements. All our signs are printed on order and are manufactured in Dallas, TX. We work with businesses working in areas such as: 

We make sure that we only produce high quality wall graphics that are durable. We also try to be as environmentally friendly as possible when choosing materials. This ensures that all our vinyl wall graphics are safe to go in any room, are long-lasting and can last for years with little to no care. 


Though wall graphics can be made from several grades of vinyl, ours are made of premium quality vinyl from major manufacturers. This means that they can be scrubbed clean with water if they get dirty and resist fade (clean wraps only after speaking to a local sign shop). It’s why our vinyl wall wraps remain in the same excellent condition that they were when you first received them. They are also designed so that they will not cause any damage to your walls in any way. When our custom removable wall graphics are removed they do not leave residue on your walls. 

Custom wall graphics installed by Premier Signs & Graphics in Dallas, TX

Installing Wall Graphics & Signs

We ensure that the process of installing commercial wall graphics is straightforward. When you order graphics from our sign company in Dallas, they will arrive “sandwiched” between backing paper and transfer tape. The transfer tape is a big help when applying letters and trying to keep them in a straight line. In many ways, they are like large stickers that you simply peel away from a backing paper and adhere to your wall. That makes them nice and easy to install, not costing you a massive chunk of time out of your day.

If you want to remove your custom wall decals, simply peel them away from the wall gently using your fingers.

Want to learn more about wall graphics and how you can use them? Call a representative at Premier Signs & Graphics today! A knowledgeable team member will be happy to discuss your project and help you understand what kind of vinyl signs will work best for your business.

Customer service is a top priority for us and we will not rest until we have exceeded your expectations. 


Vinyl wall graphics are vinyl adhesives that are applied to wall surfaces. These graphics can be custom-printed and laser-cut to create a wide range of designs. Because of digital printing, you can choose any type of design you need. They are used for a variety of purposes, like branding, promoting, decorating, and more.

The cost of wall graphics depends on several factors. This includes the size, design, number of graphics needed, and more. Your choice of vinyl material also affects the cost. Here at Premier Signs & Graphics, we offer a wide range of options to satisfy your needs. Contact us today for a free quote.

Wall graphics may seem like a simple sign solution, but they are very versatile and effective. They can be used to transform your walls into a marketing or messaging tool for your business. They are an affordable and convenient way to make use of your empty walls for your benefit.

Under ideal circumstances, wall decals will not ruin your walls. Despite being made with strong adhesives, they are designed to be removable when needed. However, textured walls, extreme temperatures, and other environmental factors can make it challenging to remove them. In these instances, it’s important to be extra careful when handling your wall decals.

Often, wall decals and stickers are referred to as the same thing. However, there is a key difference in the way they are applied to different surfaces. Decals need a transfer paper so you can transfer the print and apply it to your wall. Stickers, however, have a backing paper you peel off.

We work with wall decals that can be used in a variety of ways. Because of their size and customizability, they can transform your walls into useful tools. This lets you add text or images to your walls. These can be used for wayfinding, branding, and messaging. They can also be used to promote your products and services.

Wall signs help businesses in a variety of ways. They let you turn any blank wall into a prominent business feature that customers will remember. Wall signs can help you increase brand awareness by adding branding elements to the design. They can also help decorate your interiors, making your space come alive.

Depending on the circumstances, wall decals can last anywhere between a few months to a few years. This depends on where they are placed and what type of vinyl was used. For instance, constant exposure to high temperatures and regular maintenance can affect the quality and lifespan of wall decals.

There are many places to go to when you need wall graphics in DFW. However, if you are looking for high-quality, long-lasting graphics, Premier Signs & Graphics is your best choice. We offer a selection of vinyl materials and expert designs for your business needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Wall graphics can be used in various locations, even in your lobby area. If you are looking for an impactful yet affordable lobby sign, wall graphics are a great choice. This can help display your business name and logo. You can use them whenever you need to put up information on your walls.