Vinyl Signs Dallas, TX

Bring more profit to your Dallas, TX business with vinyl signs. Vinyl is highly versatile and customizable signs can be utilized for many purposes and installed on various surfaces. At Premier Signs & Graphics, our vinyl signs are fabricated using premium grade materials and high-tech machinery, allowing you to use them in indoor and outdoor settings. 

Types of Vinyl Signs


Transform your lifeless walls into spectacular advertising mediums through vinyl wall murals. Since you have the entire wall, you can creatively tell your brand’s history and corporate social activities. At Premier Signs & Graphics, we also incorporate color psychology and other design elements that induce productivity and positive feelings. We also ensure that your wall murals complement your existing interior design to create a harmonious ambiance that employees and customers will appreciate. 

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Wall graphics

Unlike murals that cover the entire wall, vinyl decals only highlight specific portions. This is perfect if you just want a touch of decoration or advertisement for your space. Showcase your trademark, slogan, favorite quotes, and other artwork that represents your brand. 

Floor graphics

Maximize your space with these low-cost floor signs. Besides your trademark and business information, you can also get more creative by featuring friendly reminders to connect with your target audience and directional cues to promote orderliness inside your establishment. 

Window decals

Entice customers to enter your establishment when you showcase exciting decals such as ‘buy one get one’, ‘sale’, and ‘30% off on selected items’. These are also perfect for seasonal decorations, creating a more relatable brand image and a more fun atmosphere inside your store, shop, or facility. 

Window films

Shield your clients from the harsh glare of the sun with window films and window graphics. These can be artistically designed to match your brand’s personality and space. You can even feature vital business information that your customers need to know, such as your office hours and phone number.

Don’t feel overwhelmed with all the options. Our Dallas, TX team will help you invest in the right signs that add value to your business, and that suit your available space. 

Your Custom Vinyl Sign Printing Shop in Dallas, TX

Don’t settle for an ordinary Dallas, TX sign company that lacks expertise producing exceptional, functional, visually-appealing, vinyl signs. Work with a top vinyl sign supplier who will meet your expectations and accommodate all your requests from start to finish. Premier Signs & Graphics is a leading sign shop in Dallas, TX that offers a complete range of services, including consultation, design, fabrication, installation, repair, maintenance, and project management.

Our custom vinyl sign shop specifically target your needs while staying within your budget. Do you need to update specific details on your signage? Instead of purchasing complete replacements, we can do cut vinyl letterings and graphics instead. 

Vinyl signs installed by Premier Signs & Graphics in Dallas, TX

Free Vinyl signs Consultation in Dallas, TX

Are you ready to be the premier brand in your industry? With the right vinyl signs from our team, we can make that a reality. Call us today to claim your free consultation with one of our seasoned signage experts. 


Vinyl wraps are effective marketing tools that can be used for a variety of functions. They can be applied to different surfaces like walls, floors, windows, and more.

Vinyl wraps can be used for promoting products and services. Since they are customizable, they are also great for boosting your brand. 

How long your vinyl wraps last depends on several factors. One important factor is the type of vinyl used. The higher the quality of the vinyl, the longer it takes before it shows any signs of wear and tear.

On average, vinyl wraps can last 3-7 years whether they are on your walls, windows, or vehicles. 

The cost of vinyl wraps depends on the specific project details. It has to do with the size, type of vinyl, design, and the like.

Hiring a designer and having the signs installed can also add to the cost. Let your sign maker know your budget so they can recommend the right options. 

You can get your vinyl wraps done by an experienced sign maker in Dallas, TX.

Here at Premier Signs & Graphics, we offer a wide range of vinyl signs for your various business needs. We are a full-service sign company that can design, produce, and install high-quality vinyl wraps for your business. 

Vinyl wraps are digitally designed using computer software. Once the design is final, we print out your sign using our high-tech printers. This ensures your signs are vibrant and long-lasting.

Before installation, the surface needs to be prepped and cleaned. Then we adhere your wraps carefully to ensure it is as smooth and seamless as possible.