What Makes a Good Real Estate Sign?

There is probably no other industry that is as vibrant and competitive as the real estate market. Getting ahead of the competition can be challenging in this atmosphere. For this reason, a bold set of real estate signage is crucial to stand out.

The Right Real Estate Signs in Dallas, TX

One of the great things about real estate signs is the many options you have to put your name out there. For this reason, it is crucial to choose the right type and design that can highlight your brand.

Here are examples of signs that you can get in Dallas, TX:

  1. A-Frames or Sandwich Boards
  2. H-Frames
  3. Custom Banners
  4. Panel Signs
  5. Vinyl Signs

Each type of sign benefits you in different ways. However, a central element to the success of your signs is the design. How do you know what makes a good custom real estate sign?

Let’s look at some tips to ensure you get maximum impact from your signs.

Clarity and Legibility

Signs help get your message across. They let people know about an available property, where an open house is, or who to contact if they want to ask questions.

Make sure the details on your sign are clear and legible. Go for standard font styles instead of scripts, so customers aren’t confused about what they are reading.

It is also important to keep your real estate signage simple and concise. Too many graphics and details may just overwhelm your reader.

Include Your Contact Details

Unlike in retail, you don’t often see real estate agents standing around the properties to assist interested parties. For this reason, it is crucial to include contact details on your signs. This can include your phone number, email, or website.

This ensures interested buyers or sellers have a way to reach you. Also, this is a great way to generate leads in Dallas, TX.

Entice Interest with a Call to Action

Speaking of generating leads, including a call-to-action is another effective way to do this. This can spark interest in people who may not specifically be looking for a property. An effective CTA can be as simple as asking them to visit your website, follow your social media pages, or inviting them to an open house.

Give Your Brand a Boost

Branding is crucial if you want to stand out. Custom real estate signs help brand your signs by incorporating your logo, theme, and colors.

This makes your brand look more professional. It also helps establish you as a credible agency that buyers can trust with their investment.

The Best Real Estate Signs in Dallas, TX

Choosing the right sign maker is the last crucial step to a good sign system. When it comes to high-quality sign solutions, Premier Signs & Graphics can help!

We understand the competitive nature of the real estate market. As such, we always make sure that our signs are made to reflect your brand and business the right way. Contact us today for a FREE consultation on your real estate sign needs in Dallas, TX.