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What Are the Key Benefits of Investing in Custom Monument Signs?

Outdoor monument sign of Frisco Plaza on Preston road

Outdoor signage is important for keeping your company visible in the neighbourhood. There are many different sorts of signs to choose from, with monument signs being one of the most common. These entrance signs are strategically placed along a route to boost your company’s exposure, while also displaying your brand.

Monument signs are frequently chosen by businesses searching for an impressive sign to install in front of their building. They are made of long-lasting materials, look fantastic, and leave a lasting impact. If you’re looking for a sign solution that is worth the investment, modern monument signs are the answer.

Premier Signs & Graphics offers high-quality custom monument signs to help develop your brand and define its personality. In this post, we outline how these signs are beneficial to your business.

The Benefits of Monument Signs for Your Dallas Business

· Attract Customers

Monument signs sit at eye level, allowing motorists and pedestrians to easily see them. These signs can also be personalized to your brand’s needs, which increases their appeal and impact. Take your level of attraction a step further by adding LEDs to guarantee continuous advertising, day and night.

· Increass Traffic and Improve Sales

Studies have shown that customers will visit a business after being enticed by their exterior signs. Monument signs are an excellent method to boost your sales, as they are seen by both visitors and locals. With their size and visual appeal, monument signs are known to capture the attention of passersby, which increases the chances they will visit your business.

· Multi-Purpose Signage

Custom monument signs are ideal for showing not only your company’s name, logo, and slogan, but also providing crucial information, such as your contact information, hours of operations, website URL, and more. Given their multi-purpose nature, they also function as markers and navigational aids by assisting visitors in finding your business or something else nearby.

· Customizable

If you want signage that complements the style of your business, consider investing in monument signs. As this sign solution is easily customizable, the sky is your limit during the design process. It is good practice to cater the materials and design aspects you choose to the sign’s surroundings and your brand identity.

· Cost-Efficient

Custom monument signs are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making them an excellent investment for long-term advertising. Because they are made with durable materials, they require little to no upkeep.

Different Materials and Design Options to Choose from

· Stone and Brick Signage

These materials are extremely stable, giving any sign an exquisite appearance.

· Concrete Monument Signs

Concrete is suitable for individuals seeking a simple aesthetic. This kind of signage can survive a long time by withstanding all forms of weather.

· Wood

If you’re looking for a classic appearance that complements a rustic structure, wood may be the right choice for you.

· Foam Core

Foam can be used to create the appearance of brick or stone. It is less costly and lighter than other materials, which can provide various advantages or disadvantages, depending on your specific circumstances. However, when it comes time to change your sign, these solutions are simple to remove.

· Plastic

Plastic is a versatile material, so it can be moulded into any size or shape. This material is great for a monument sign if your company has a sophisticated design vision.

· Metal and Aluminum

This material combination is ideal for a contemporary appearance, as they have a crisp and sleek look.

Trusted Monument Sign Makers

Premier Signs & Graphics provides high-quality sign solutions that will wow your target audience. We are a full-service sign company that can design, manufacture, and install signs for your company. Our team provides both high-quality items and exceptional customer service. Contact us today for a free consultation on your custom monument sign requirements.